Yukionna to Kani wo Kuu

Yukionna to Kani o Kuu Eating Crab with a Yukionna
Status: Ongoing Studio: TV Tokyo Released: 2022 Country: Japanese Type: TV Director: Shibata Keisuke [柴田啓佑], Uchida Eiji [内田英治], Matsumoto Yusaku [松本優作] Starring: Fuchikami Yasushi (1984), Iriyama Noriko (1985), Katsumura Masanobu (1963), Kubota Sayu (2000), Shigeoka Daiki (1992)

A certain summer day, as the cicadas sing loudly. A man with no money and no place to belong tries to end his life, however is unable to take the last step. While wavering between life and death, he sees a gourmet food program on television, and realising he’s never once eaten crab in his life decides that “For my last day on this Earth, I’ll eat crab”. Settings his sights on the wife who lives in a high-class neighbourhood that he happened across in a library, he forces his way into her home. And thus, he demands money from her, however things go in an unexpected direction. Adapted from the manga “Yukionna to Kani wo Kuu” (雪女と蟹を食う) by Gino0808. Original Network: TV Tokyo ;