Yondeo Beyond the Memory
Status: Ongoing Studio: Released: 2022 Country: Korean Type: TV Director: Lee Joon Ik [이준익] Starring: Bae Yoo Ram (1986), Cha Soon Bae (1972), Han Ji Min (1982), Jeong Jin Yeong (1964), Lee Jeong Eun (1970), Shin Ha Kyoon (1974), Shin Soo Jeong (1984), Yoon Yi Reh (1998)

Set in the 2040s in the large city area of South Korea. It depicts the story of a man who lives in agony, unable to forget his wife who died of cancer. Then one day, he receives an unknown email and chooses to abandon his body to go live with his wife. It will portray a world where one can live forever without death, and will question the meaning of eteal life, death, memory and oblivion, and happiness and misery. Adapted from a novel “Goodbye, Yonder” (굿바이, 욘더) by Kim Jang Hwan (김장환).