Winter Night

Zai Ni De Dong Ye Li Shan Yao Shine In Your Winter Night
Status: Ongoing Studio: Tencent Video Released: 2022 Country: Chinese Type: TV Director: Tian Yu [田宇] Starring: Bridgette Qiao (1993), Du Shuang Yu (1990), Hao Yang (1970), Kido Ma (1998), Liu Dan (1970), Ma Yue (1965), Ren Shuai (1970), Ren Zheng Bin, Vian Wang (1988), Ye Xiao Wei (1997), Zhang Hao Yue, Zhou Yi Ran (2000)

A love story revolving around Zheng Da Qian, an employee of an advertising company, and Mu Zi Li, an entrepreneurial boss. Zheng Da Qian is a northeaste girl with a bright personality. She is an employee of an advertising company. She also has a careless personality and extremely low emotional self-esteem. She seems to be very independent and strong when working. But in fact, there was a time that she was frustrated with her career and relationship, so she chose to retu to her hometown in Northeast China, so that She can spend time alone to focus more on herself. Since then, a new chapter of her life has also begun. Mu Zi Li is the boss of a start-up company, he seems to be easy-going and humorous on the outside. In fact, he has his own principles and stubbo personality. In order to protect his family, he chose to accept the current status quo that makes him feel depressed with his life. He never expected to meet Zheng Daqian, a northeaste girl who shared the same problem with him, which is emotional entanglements, and he was also faced with a new choice. Whether to choose to live as usual in the past or to regain the vitality brought by the new life. What will he choose? Original Network: Tencent Video ;