Viva Femina

Nu Ren Wan Sui Nv Ren Wan Sui Good Women Long Live Women
Status: Ongoing Studio: Released: 2022 Country: Chinese Type: TV Director: Starring: Duan Xing Xing (X) (1998), Faye Wang (1995), Jasper Liu (1986), Kira Shi (1990), Kong Lin (1969), Lili Liu (1958), Lin Meng (1987), Lu Chen Yue (2008), Mickey Yuan (1980), Ren Zhong (1979), Wang Yu (1983), Wang Yuan Ke (1984), Wang Zhi Gang (1974), Yin Tao (1979), Yue Yao Li (1958), Zhang Shu (1976)

The story of three women of vastly different personalities that seems unlikely to be friends forming a friendship. Mutually supporting each other amidst hardship in lives and finding self-worth to create a beautiful life. Kang Zi You retus to China after graduating from the States. Through many years of hard work, she works as sales executive director in an aesthetic medical clinic that’s run by her best friend Lin Qian Yu. She’s very capable and manages to bring constant improvement to sales of the company year after year. However, she’s sloppy in life. She relies on her daughter from her previous marriage, Kang Ni to take care of her. Kang Ni who was brought up by her grandmother is a housework expert and has a deep interest in culinary cooking and table setting. She brought various kinds of good food to the table for her mother. After meeting with her senior, her date was interrupted many times to take care of her mother. She yeas for her own life but can’t leave her mother alone. A new doctor, Nie Yun Ze came to the medical centre, creating ripples in their calm life. Since then, the sloppy Kang Zi You and the neat freak Nie Yun Ze are always at odds with each other but also grows closer in the process. At the same time, Lin Qian Yu’s marriage issues left Kang Zi You with no choice but to cooperate and solve their issue together with her ex-husband’s wife Meng Yu Shan. Also known as: 女人万岁 Nu Ren Wan Sui Nv Ren Wan Sui Good Women Long Live Women