Utsukushii Kare Season 2

うつくしいかれ2 うつくしいかれ シーズン2 美しい彼2 Utsukushii Kare S2 Utsukushii Kare 2 My Beautiful Man Season 2 My Beautiful Man S2 My Beautiful Man 2 He Who is Beautiful Season 2 He Who is Beautiful S2 He Who is Beautiful 2
Status: Ongoing Studio: Released: 2023 Country: Japanese Type: TV Director: Sakai Mai [酒井麻衣] Starring: Ayano Aya (1989), Endo Kenshin (2000), Hagiwara Riku (1999), Iida Kisuke (1966), Iwakawa Haru (2015), Kanai Yuta (1985), Nimura Sawa (1994), Ochiai Motoki (1990), Otomo Kazuki (2002), Takano Akira (1997), Wada Soko (1977), Yagi Yusei (Fantastics from Exile Tribe) (1997)

Having overcome the obstacles that stood between them in high school, Kazunari Hira and Sou Kiyoi have spent the past few years in relative bliss. Living together, they’ve been able to support each other as they lea to navigate the ups and downs of their adult life. But just because life has gotten better, doesn’t mean everything for the happy couple is perfect. Currently, in his fourth year of college, Kazunari has spent the majority of his free time following Sou around in disguise. While Kazunari enjoys watching his boyfriend from afar, it has recently begun to dawn on him that with graduation looming, he might need to tu his attention elsewhere. With no part-time job experience whatsoever, Kazunari is starting to see that his favorite pastime may be doing him a disservice. A fact that only becomes more apparent as his classmates, with their impressive array of work experience, begin to tu their attention toward post-graduation job hunting. Feeling a bit left behind, Kazunari begins to wonder what it is he wants to do with his life. While Kazunari struggles at school, Sou continues to work hard in his acting career. As both Sou and Kazunari lea to deal with some of life’s more harsh realities, will their relationship stand strong, or will they find their bond beginning to crack under the pressures that come with adulthood? Adapted from the novel “He, Who is Beautiful” (美しい彼) by Nagira Yuu (凪良 ゆう).