Status: Ongoing Studio: Released: 2023 Country: Japanese Type: TV Director: Kanai Ko [金井紘] and Ruto Toichiro [瑠東東一郎] Starring: Aso Kumiko (1978), First Summer Uika (1990), Inoue Yuki (1996), Ishikawa Zen (1964), Kino Hana (1948), Kote Shinya (1973), Machida Keita (1990), Niiro Shinya (1975), Osada Seiya (1989), Sakou Yoshi (1958), Sota Ryosuke (1997), Takahata Mitsuki (1991), Tanaka Kei (1984), Yoshida Kotaro (1959)

Yamihara Kokoro and Asada Toramatsu live in a town that is quite peaceful, until a serial murder case happened where the bodies all had their blood drained out. Five years have passed but the case remains unsolved. Meanwhile, Kokoro and Toramatsu have been in a relationship for a year, but are unable to get married as they are keeping a serious secret from each other. Kokoro is actually a vampire. However, she does not attack humans and live modestly. Toramatsu is a popular resident in the town and is trusted by many. After getting a divorce, Toramatsu got drunk and went back to his old house, where he met Kokoro, the current occupant. As the two continue to keep their secrets hidden, a horrific murder occurs once again in the town.