Tsuda Umeko: Osatsu ni Natta Ryugakusei

Umeko Tsuda: Osatsu ni Natta Ryugakusei
Status: Completed Studio: Released: 2022 Country: Japanese Type: Movies Director: Starring: Harada Mieko (1958), Hirose Suzu (1998), Ikeda Elaiza (1996), Sakuma Yui (1995)

Tsuda Umeko was bo in December 31, 1864 and became a pioneer in women’s eductation. In 1871, Tsuda Umeko, with her father’s recommendation, went to the United States to study at the age of 6. She was the youngest of the group of females to travel there. They were the first Japanese female students to study overseas at their govement’s expense. 11 years after studying in the United States, Tsuda Umeko retus to Japan. She wants to become a woman who is helpful to her culture, but she is shocked by the low status of women in Japan. Also known as: 津田梅子 ~お札になった留学生~ , Umeko Tsuda: Osatsu ni Natta Ryugakusei