Jinsil Honesty
Status: Completed Studio: MBC Released: 2000 Country: Korean Type: TV Director: Starring: Ahn Jeong Hoon (1969), Choi Jae Hyeon (1964), Choi Ji Woo (1975), Jang Yong (1945), Jeong Wook (1938), Kim Chang Sook (1949), Kim Hyeong Ja (1950), Noh Min Woo (1986), Park Kyeong Lim (1979), Park Seon Yeong (1976), Park Woong (1940), Ryoo Shi Won (1972), Seon Woo Jae Deok, Son Ji Chang (1970)

Lee Ja Young comes from a poor family who lives in the basement of one of her rich schoolmates, Lee Shin Hee. Ja Young is one of the top students in her class as Shin Hee is one of the more mediocre students. On the day for college entrance exams, Shin Hee’s family bribes Ja Young family into Ja Young taking the test for her. Ja Young is forced to take it for the sake of her family’s future. More complications arise when Ja Young’s first relationship ends due to a mistaken identity and Shin Hee’s crush, Jung Hyun Woo begins to fall for Ja Young. Original Network: MBC; Also known as: 진실 Jinsil Honesty