Top Knife

Status: Completed Studio: Released: 2020 Country: Japanese Type: TV Director: Starring: Amami Yuki (1967), Furukawa Yuta (1987), Hirose Alice (1994), Miura Tomokazu (1952), Nagayama Kento (1989), Shiina Kippei (1964)

Miyama Yoko works as a doctor at Touto Hospital. She specializes in brain aneurysms in the neurosurgery department. She is a good doctor, aware of her responsibilities and importance of her work. She places the patients’ life at the top of her priorities. Yoko Miyama becomes involved with her colleagues, including Kuroiwa Kengo, Kozukue Sachiko, and Nishigoori Takuma. Meanwhile, she suffers from guilt for abandoning her family. Also known as: トップナイフ ―天才脳外科医の条件― / Top Knife – Conditions of Genius Brain Surgeons / Top Knife: Tensai Nougekai no Joken / Top Knife – Tensai Nougekai no Joken