Today Office Tomorrow Romance

oneul-eun opiseu naeil-eun lomaenseu 오늘은 오피스 내일은 로맨스
Status: Completed Studio: Released: 2020 Country: Korean Type: TV Director: Starring:

Kang Hye Mi is an office worker who’s been at KS Inteational for 4 years. She used to always be confident and energetic but lost her confidence and her faith in love after witnessing her scum ex-boyfriend cheating on her. To make matters worse, her ex-boyfriend is a general manager at her company, and she can’t avoid running into him. Like with all office romances, after breaking up with him, she becomes the topic of all kinds of rumors. The stress and difficulties have been enough for her to constantly consider resignation. One day, she bumps into Na Jung Gook on her way to work and misses the bus, ruining an important presentation. Ironically, Na Jung Gook is joining Kang Hye Mi’s team as a new employee, and they become a mentor and mentee. Na Jung Gook is a rare newcomer who is passionate about everything, without avoiding his boss and who lives by maintaining a work-life balance. As Kang Hye Mi works with Na Jung Gook, she finds herself increasingly attracted to him. And the past relationship between Kang Hye Mi and Na Jung Gook is… Also known as: The Dramatic Romance , oneul-eun opiseu naeil-eun lomaenseu, 오늘은 오피스 내일은 로맨스