Tin Tem Jai

Tin Tem Jai the Series
Status: Ongoing Studio: Channel 3 Released: 2023 Country: Thailand Type: TV Director: Starring: Lee Long Shi (2000), Pangpond Potchana Lertchanachomphu, Run Kantheephop Sirorattanaphanit (1993), Tiger Aekapol Saeheng (1990), Tong Surawit Ruangyod (1991), Yoshi Rinrada Thurapan (1997)

Tin has always been secretly in love with Phi Park, Aunt Phavinee’s son, who owns a neighbourhood bakery. Park’s a simple guy that you can ask whatever you want. But when he’s asked out on a date… The answer is, “I’m going to kick you!” Adapted from the web novel “Tin Tem Jai” (ติณณ์เต็มใจ) by Taohu Khai (เต้าหู้ไข่). Original Network: Channel 3 ; Also known as: ติณณ์เต็มใจ Tin Tem Jai the Series