Time and Him Are Just Right

Meeting You Is Luckiest Thing to Me Shi Guang Yu Ta Qia Shi Zheng Hao 時光與他,恰是正好 时光与他,恰是正好
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The story follows two middle school youth, Lin Xi and Ji Jun Xing, as they tell a sweet love story between two people who established empathy as they go through their youth together. Lin Xi is a girl who is full of strength and vitality, has a high IQ, and loves horror movies. When someone is bullied, she becomes a hardcore heroine and easily solves various problems. Meanwhile, Ji Jun Xing is a cold, straightforward and introverted man who is an all-around student of computer software programming. He is Lin Xi’s classmate and friend. He may look cold on the outside, but in fact, he is a warm man who is not good at showing emotion. Also known as: Time Is Just Right With Him , Meeting You Is Luckiest Thing to Me , Shi Guang Yu Ta, Qia Shi Zheng Hao , 時光與他,恰是正好, 时光与他,恰是正好