The Wife

Mia Luang 2022
Status: Ongoing Studio: Tencent Video Released: 2022 Country: Thailand Type: TV Director: Nui Suttasit [ศุทธสิทธิ์ เดชอินทรนารักษ์] Starring: Art Pasut Banyam (1982), Benz Natthida Trichaiya (2000), Gift Sirinart Sugandharat (1995), Janis Janistar Phomphadungcheep (1995), Kratip Chawallakorn Wanthanapisitkul (1988), New Wongsakorn Paramatthakorn (1980), Pimprapa Tangprabhaporn (1992), Tak Bongkot Kongmalai (1985)

Mia Luang is a story about a very wealthy, famous, well-educated, and respected couple. Everyone assumes that they’re happily married and live a very good life, while in reality, they have a lot of problems. The problems start with Aniroot, the husband who is a player and has a lot of mistresses. His wife Wiganda is a smart woman who endures his misbehavior and his many women. Among his women, there is only Oin who seems to openly come in between the couple without shame. Mia Luang literally means Main Wife, while his mistresses are called Mia Noi, literally Small Wife or Minor Wife, in Thai. Original Network: Tencent Video;