The Villain Loves Me Too Much

Status: Ongoing Studio: Released: 2022 Country: Chinese Type: TV Director: Starring:

After lying in bed and reading the comic “Conquest of Longtan Town”, Mengqi is very angry and writes a long speech accusing the author. As a result, a thunderbolt splits her into the comic book, while she is experiencing the last confession of the miserable heroine, and if she refuses, the downfall will be revenge by the male protagonist Qin Yuewen, who dies of depression. In order to survive in the comic book, Mengqi can only be resigned to play the game of affection with Qin Yuewen, but the reality is far from what she thought was so simple. The reality is not as simple as she thought. When she crosses over to the comic, Meng Qi not only has to deal with the time bomb around her, Qin Yuewen, but also has to run the Jufu Tave, which is about to close down, and her rival Meiduo keeps exerting pressure. Qin Yuewen is the owner of Black Wind Village and is entrusted by the village elders to get close to Mengqi in order to obtain the treasure map on her body, but in order not to reveal himself he can only seduce Mengqi with his beauty. But in the long time together, they have mutual affection, together through the difficulties, and eventually the business will become more and more prosperous. When both of them retu home, a thunderstorm wakes up Mengqi, who tus out to be just a dream. Also known as: 反派太爱我了怎么办