The Travel Nurse

Za Toraberu Nasu
Status: Ongoing Studio: TV Asahi Released: 2022 Country: Japanese Type: TV Director: Katayama Osamu [片山修] and Kanai Ko [金井紘] Starring: Adachi Yumi (1981), Asada Miyoko (1956), Iketani Nobue (1971), Izumisawa Yuuki (1993), Maehara Mizuki (1992), Matsudaira Ken (1953), Miyamoto Mayu (1995), Nakai Kiichi (1961), Nanao (1988), Noro Kayo (1983), Okada Masaki (1989), Terajima Shinobu (1972), Tsunematsu Yuri (1998), Yanagiba Toshiro (1961), Yoshida Oolongta (1978)

Nasuda Ayumi is a young travel nurse who gives a bad first impression. In fact, he had been an excellent nurse practitioner in the US. He has the qualifications to carry out certain medical procedures and assist doctors in surgeries. However, some circumstances trigger his retu to Japan where nurse practitioners are relatively unknown and nurses are still expected to do what doctors order. Ayumi ends up working at Amano General Medical Centre where he encounters a mysterious, legendary nurse Kuki Shizuka who will become his partner. Shizuka cleans “quietly” just like his name suggests and gets mistaken for a cleaner by the hospital staff including Ayumi. But he is actually a super nurse with boggling skills. Although Shizuka does not defy doctors and is too soft, when it comes to the crunch, he would boldly take decisive action with scathing words. He is quite a “liar” and has a huge secret. With their respective skills and philosophies, Ayumi and Shizuka are different types of unsung nurses who repulse each other but also collaborate to slowly bring about changes in not only the patients but also the healthcare professionals around them. Original Network: TV Asahi ;