The Neuron Doctors

神经家族 亲爱的神经 Cu Xing Zhe Qin Ai De Shen Jing Shen Jing Jia Zu Dear Neurons The Neurons
Status: Ongoing Studio: Released: 2022 Country: Chinese Type: TV Director: Zhang Si Lin [张思麟] Starring: Anna Hollen (1996), Bi Yan Jun (1955), David Chou (1995), Du Chun (1981), Jiang Shan (1967), Liang Jia Tong (2000), Liu An Qi (2000), Liu Jia (1960), Liu Jia (1984), Wang Jia Yu (1997), Wang You Jun (1997), Wang Yuan Ke, Wang Zhi Wen (1966), Xu Yue (1989), Zhang Jia Ding (1994), Zhang Xi Lin (1966), Zhang Zhi Jian (1955), Zhao Si Mei (1995)

A renowned hospital is recruiting experts from all over the world to assist with the establishment of a world-class research and treatment center. Han Xilin, who has been studying Chinese medicine in the United States for many years, and Ding Yuanzhi, who is well-versed in academia and has retued from Germany, emerge as top candidates. Along with Pan Xiaoai and Li Qiao, two of the best young resident doctors, the two of them began an exciting competition and co-operation.