The Love in Your Eyes

我眼裡的豆莢 Na Nune Kkongkkakji Good On My Eyes Bean Pods in My Eyes It’s Like a Bean in a Pod It’s Like a Bean in a Pod
Status: Ongoing Studio: KBS1 Released: 2022 Country: Korean Type: TV Director: Ko Yeong Tak [고영탁] Starring: Bae Noo Ri (1993), Baek Seong Hyeon (1989), Choi So Eun (1989), Choi Yoon Ra (1992), Jeong Hye Seon (1942), Jeong Soo Han (1993), Jeong Soo Hwan (1994), Kim Bo Mi (1958), Kim Ga Ran (1993), Kim Kyeong Sook (1972), Kim Seung Wook (1963), Lee Ah Hyeon (1972), Lee Ho Jae (1941), Park Cheol Ho (1960), Park Shin Woo (1988), Park Soon Cheon (1961)

Depicts the second love of a rogue daughter-in-law who appears in a 30-year-old gomtang restaurant, and a confident single mother Young Ih who says anything no matter what. Jang Kyung Joon, who has the charm of a black-and-white man. Even though he shows the coolness of self-restraint from a large company that doesn’t show his emotions easily, he shows both sides of being friendly in front of Lee Young Ih. Lee Young Ih, a single mother of steel mentality and a daughter-in-law with a bad attitude. She is sometimes angry, but she is a colorful charmer full of justice. Kim Hae Mi, her mother’s daughter who has both her work and love in her hands, and Jang Kyung Joon’s fiancée. It forms a tense rivalry with Bae Nouri. Jang Se Joon, the half-brother of Jang Kyung Joon, who has a friendly personality. Original Network: KBS1 ;

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