The Letter From The Cloud

雲中誰寄錦書來 Who in the Cloud Will Send a Brocade Book
Status: Ongoing Studio: Mango TV Released: 2021 Country: Chinese Type: TV Director: Guo Hui Zhong [郭会中] Starring: Jinna Fu (1995), Liu You Chang, Wu Jia Yi (1995), Xie Bin Bin (1995), Zhang Si Fan (1992), Zhao Xuan (1995), Zhu Jin Tong (1998)

Shen Yu, the daughter of a corrupted official, marries into the Zhou manor. However, her “groom” Zhou Yue tued out to be a girl disguised as a guy. After revealing their secrets to each other, they decide to become swo sisters and use their fake marriage in order to protect each other’s identity. At the same time, Qi Zhang and Gao Mo, who are implicated by the case of Prince Rong, also begins to secretly investigate the case. The four of them work together to find out the truth. Original Network: Mango TV;