Sugisaki Hana no Satsukyu

すぎさきはなのさつきゅう Sugisaki Hana’s Filming Break
Status: Ongoing Studio: Released: 2023 Country: Japanese Type: TV Director: Imaizumi Rikiya [今泉力哉], Matsui Daigo [松居大悟] and Miyake Sho [三宅唱] Starring: Adachi Tomomitsu (1979), Bando Ryota (1997), Hashimoto Ai (1996), Imou Haruka (1997), Izumisawa Yuuki (1993), Kamishiraishi Moka (2000), Kikuchi Akiko (1982), Long Meng Rou (1994), Matsuo Satoru (1975), Matsuura Yuya (1981), Mitsuishi Ken (1961), Morita Kokoro (2000), Nakano Misaki (2015), Nakata Seina (2000), Okabe Takashi (1972), Serizawa Tateto (1980), Shukugawa Atom (1979), Sugisaki Hana (1997), Tsukamoto Shinya (1960), Uechi Haruna (1980), Wakaba Ryuya (1989), Yamano Umi (1965)

How will popular actor Sugisaka Hana spend her filming break? This is the 4th season in this omnibus series that focuses on how an actor spends their vacation in between the filming of dramas and movies. On the moing of her break from filming, Sugisaki Hana listens to the horoscope on the radio. “If you are a Libra, tidy up all your clutter today. Your lucky item is a round object!” Hearing this, she tries to clear her laundry, but the washing machine just won’t work. Sugisaki has no choice but to go to the laundromat which she is unfamiliar with and does not know how to pay the 300-yen charge. What she brought with her is a credit card and a 1,000 yen note. Sugisaki follows another laundromat user’s suggestion to get small change from the vending machine outside. However, she ends up getting entranced by the voice of a street musician that she happened to hear and buys a CD with those 1,000 yen…