Starting Point of Dating

Yeonaesibal. (Jeom) Love Fuck Love Trigger
Status: Ongoing Studio: Released: 2021 Country: Korean Type: TV Director: Kim Seung Woo [김승우] Starring: Choi Jeong Won (Female) (1981), Kang In Soo (MYNAME) (1988), Kim Seung Woo (1969), Oh Ha Yeong (Apink) (1996)

A romantic comedy about the misunderstandings and mishaps that occur when a student on the job hunt accidentally loses her phone. Choi Soo Yeon is a spirited college student who lives with her uncle after her parents passed away in a car accident when she was young. Kye Han Sol is a charming café owner who is aloof but well-mannered, while Yoo In Hae is a musical diva who dotes on Choi Soo Yeon as if she were her own daughter.