She Would Never Know

Status: Completed Studio: Released: 2021 Country: Korean Type: TV Director: Starring: Ahn Se Ha (1986), Ha Yoon Kyeong (1992), Kim Han Na (1987), Kim Hye In (1993), Kim Ro Woon (Ro Woon) (1996), Lee Hyeon Wook (1985), Lee Ji Hyeon (1972), Lee Joo Bin (1989), Lee Kyoo Han (1980), Park So Yi (2012), Wang Bit Na, Won Jin Ah (1991)

The protagonist of the romantic drama ” Sunbae, Don’t Put On That Lipstick” Yoon Sung Ah, is a professional marketer for a cosmetics brand. She dreams of creating her own brand.  Her coleague, Chae Hyun Seung is a handsome young man who falls in love with her and tries to establish a close relationship. But Song Ah is older than Hyun Seung and doesn’t see him as a man due to his age …