Seishun Cinderella

Seishun Shinderera Cinderella with Youth
Status: Ongoing Studio: Released: 2022 Country: Japanese Type: TV Director: Goto Yosuke [後藤庸介] Starring: Harumoto Hiro (2000), Hayama Yuki (2001), Honda Kyoya (1999), Kumada Rinka (2001), Misaki Akari (1999), Mizoguchi Yudai (1998), Mizutani Kaho (1997), Ogasawara Kai (1994), Ogawa Ryo (2000), Sakuma Minami (Minami) (2003), Shimamura Ryunosuke (2002), Tsukiashi Amane (FRUITS ZIPPER) (1999), Wakabayashi Jiei (1999), Yanai Yumena (2000)

Hagino Shion is a 29-year-old beauty consultant. Although she has never had a boyfriend, Shion leads a happy and fulfilling life. However, one day, Shion participates in a blind date party and it triggers a flashback where she was rejected by her first love back in high school, who told her, “If you’re going to confess, you should at least do something about your appearance”. As if drawn back by her past trauma, Shion somehow goes back in time and becomes a 17-year-old high school student again. Using the makeup techniques she has honed, Shion decides to move towards a different timeline as compared to what happened 12 years ago. Adapted from the manga “Seishun Cinderella” (青春シンデレラ) by Yuu Nozomu (夕のぞむ).