Secret Royal Inspector Joy

Status: Completed Studio: tvN Released: 2021 Country: Korean Type: TV Director: Starring: Cha Yeob (1986), Chae Won Bin (2001), Choi Tae Hwan (1989), Jeong Soon Won (1987), Kim Hye Yoon (1996), Kim Hyeon Joon (1991), Lee Jae Kyoon (1990), Lee Sang Hee (1983), Min Jin Woong (1986), Ok Taecyeon (1988)

The Tale of the Secret Royal Inspector and Jo Yi is a historical detective comedy about a young foodie who ends up becoming an undercover royal inspector and teams up with a divorced woman who is looking for her own happiness. Taecyeon will play undercover royal inspector Ra Yi Eon, whose only goal is to open a small dumplings shop. By chance he passes the state exam and soon he is offered a high position as a royal inspector. However, his main conce is to get out of work as soon as possible and take a lunch break. Kim Hye Yoon will play Kim Jo Yi, an unconventional woman in the Joseon era who believes divorce is not a problem. She married a gambler and mama’s boy three years ago, and her family life has been challenging. She wishes to have a fresh start in life. Original Network: tvN;