San Sheng Yuan Qi Shi Qing Huan

Status: Ongoing Studio: Tencent Video Released: 2022 Country: Chinese Type: TV Director: Starring: Cao Jun Hao (1990), Lin Yu Rou (1990), Yang Ze (1995)

Qing Huan is a charming, stubbo little iris fairy who is adorably infatuated with Bai Ze, the powerful and aloof god of the Heavens. Every day she chases him with her lovely innocence and sweet words, melting the heart of the cold god. In order to complete his ascension as soon as possible, an ascension our cute little fairy was affecting, Bai Ze decides to go down to earth as a mortal to face his three life tribulations and the two get separated…or do they? Original Network: Tencent Video ; Also known as: 三生缘起是清欢 三生緣起是清歡