San Senen no Tsukai Kata

Sanzenen no Tsukaikata 3000-yen no Tsukai kata How to Use 3000 Yen
Status: Ongoing Studio: Released: 2023 Country: Japanese Type: TV Director: Murakami Makito [村上牧人] Starring: Ahn Mika (1972), Aoi Wakana (1998), Hashimoto Atsushi (1987), Horii Arata (1992), Morio Yumi (1966), Nakao Mie (1946), Riju Go (1962), Yamazaki Hirona (1994)

This is a story of three generations of women in the Mikuriya family, seriously thinking about “What kind of life do I want to lead?” and overcoming their problems through saving money. Mikuriya Miho is the second daughter of the family and has just started living alone after finding a job with a decent salary. Miho has been dreaming of becoming a working adult with a wonderful boyfriend, but an event causes her to rethink her life. Adapted from the novel “San Senen no Tsukai Kata” (三千円の使いかた) by Harada Hika (原田ひ香).