Status: Completed Studio: Released: 2020 Country: Korean Type: TV Director: Starring: Choi Jin Hyeok (1986), Han Ji Wan (1987), Jang In Seob (1987), Jang Seo Kyeong (1991), Jeong Hye In (1990), Ji Dae Han (1969), Jo Dong Hyeok (1977), Kim Da Hyeon (1980), Kim In Woo (1969), Kim Min Sang (1968), Lee Bo Hyeon (1981), Park Choong Seon (1964), Park Jeong Hak (1964), Park Seon Ho (1993), Park Sung Woong (1973), Yoo Ji Yeon (1979)

Action packed drama based on a webtoon tells a story of a detective who is on a mission to bring down of the largest crime syndicate in the country. He wants to avenge for the loss of his wife and also his vision. However, he gets help the company called Rugal which produces Assisted Vision Technology. This technology gives him artificial vision to pursue the criminals and take them down. Airing on: Mar 28, 2020