Rose Mansion

Status: Completed Studio: Released: 2022 Country: Korean Type: TV Director: Starring: Im Ji Yeon (1990), Yoon Kyoon Sang (1987)

A mystery thriller set in an apartment scheduled for reconstruction and tells the story of the search for the truth behind a sister’s disappearance. Along with suspicious neighbors who hide their greed beneath ordinary looks, the secrets that are gradually uncovered will deliver realistic fear and strong suspense. Ji Na is a hotel employee who is tracking down her older sister’s disappearance. Although she appears to have a smooth-sailing life, she is a figure who is filled with a great sense of inferiority on the inside. Following the news of her sister Ji Hyun’s disappearance, Ji Na retus to her family’s house, which is known as the Rose Mansion, only to be swept up in an unexpected situation. Violent crimes detective Min Soo will be the only one to believe in Ji Na’s words and help her. As a stubbo man of action who has to see through to the end of a case once he gets hooked on it, Min Soo will help Ji Na unearth the truth behind Ji Hyun’s disappearance. Although he appears to be a reliable and strong man, Min Soo also possesses secret darkness that no one knows about. Director: Yoon Hong Seung [윤홍승] Also known as: 더 맨션 Deo Maensyeon