Romance of a Twin Flower

Status: Ongoing Studio: Tencent Video Released: 2023 Country: Chinese Type: TV Director: Xie Ze [谢泽] Starring: He Chang Xi (1997), Kyle Ma (1990), Peng Xiao Ran (1990), Ryan Ding (1995), Yi Da Qian (1994)

A quirky genius girl named Ji Man Yi loses her memory through an accident, and inexplicably replaced her twin sister and entered the Hou Manor. With her outstanding wits and business acumen, she managed to resolve numerous crises, eventually winning the favor of Ning Yu Xuan, the cold and arrogant young master of Hou manor. Adapted from the novel of the same name by Bai Lu Cheng Shuang (白鹭成双). Original Network: Tencent Video;