Ren Sheng Zhi Lu

人生·路遥 人生路遥 Ren Sheng Lu Yao
Status: Ongoing Studio: Released: 2023 Country: Chinese Type: TV Director: Yan Jian Gang [阎建钢] Starring: Chen Xiao (1987), Cristy Guo (1993), Guo Kai Min (1958), He Sai Fei (1963), Huang Mei Ying (1950), Jenny Zhang (1987), Li Bao An, Li Guang Fu (1946), Li Qin (1990), Li Yu Tong (1995), Lian Lian (1983), Lin Yong Jian (1970), Liu Run Nan (1994), Liu Wei (1957), Liu Yi Tie (1997), Lu Zhong (1970), Tang Zeng (1985), Tu Ling (1975), Wang Tian Chen (1993), Yue Hong (1962), Zhang Tian Yang (1987), Zhao Qian Zi, Zhao Zheng (1978), Zhou Ye Mang (1956)

In the 80’s of 20th century, Gao Ji Lin, a young man living in Gaojiagou in northe Shaanxi, was a well-known reading “champion” in the village. With a great talent for writing and poetry, despite coming from a poor family, the man aspired to achieve a greater goals. College entrance exams were supposed to help him with that. Unfortunately, Ji Lin unexpectedly falls off from the student list, and as if that wasn’t enough, he also fails to become a private teacher in an primary school. His only ray of hope tus out to be Liu Qiao Zhen, who does everything to support him in his dream. Soon, thanks to the encouragement of the whole village, Ji Lin decides to fight for his career goal. Adapted from the novel “Life” (人生) by Lu Yao (路遥).