Racket Boys

Lakessonyeondan Racketsonyeondan Raket Sonyeondan Raketsonyeondan Racquet Boys Racket Boy Scouts Racket Boy Squad Racket Boy Band
Status: Ongoing Studio: SBS Released: 2021 Country: Korean Type: TV Director: Jo Young Kwang [조영광] Starring: Kim Kang Hoon (2009), Kim Sang Kyeong (1972), Lee Jae In (2004), Lee Ji Won (2006), Oh Na Ra (1974), Park Hyo Joo (1982), Tang Joon Sang (2003)

Tells the story of 16-year-old boys and girls from Haenam Middle School, growing up dreaming of becoming idols in the badminton world in a far away rural area. Ra Young Ja was a legendary badminton player. She now coaches a middle school badminton team. She has charisma as a coach. The badminton team consists of 16-year-old boys and girls, but they are not very good. The team grows as they take part in a junior athletic competition. Original Network: SBS; Netflix;