Piece of Cake

Pisu Obu Keki
Status: Ongoing Studio: NTV Released: 2022 Country: Japanese Type: TV Director: Nishimura Ryo [西村了] Starring: Hiiragi Hinata (2011), Hotta Akane (1992), Maehara Kou (1992), Motoi Shunsuke (1996), Ochiai Motoki (1990), Sakai Toshiya (1959), Sasaki Mirei (1999), Shinohara Yushin (1992), Tokunaga Yuki (1995), Uemura Sota (2002), Yokomizo Naho (2008), Yoshida Oolongta (1978), Yoshimura Sojiro (1998)

Kota Shimoda, Nao Nakamura and Norisuke Uehara live within the same apartment complex in a provincial city. They are also good friends. Kota Shimoda works as a public officer. He bluffs that he is good at fighting, but he has never been in a fight before. Nao Nakamura wants to become a Hollywood celebrity. She is a bright and outgoing person. Norisuke Uehara’s dream is to become a K-pop artist, but he doesn’t make any effort in achieving his dream. They are bored easily and look for stimulation around them. When the three friends see a resident with conces sitting on a bench, they approach the person and ask about their conce. They listen to their conces and give advice. They soon help other people around them. Original Network: NTV ;