Pandora no Kajitsu: Kagaku Hanzai Sousa File

Pandora’s Fruit: Science Crime Investigation File
Status: Ongoing Studio: NTV Released: 2022 Country: Japanese Type: TV Director: Hasumi Eiichiro [羽住英一郎] Starring: Ando Masanobu (1975), Dean Fujioka (1980), Ishino Mako (1961), Itao Itsuji (1963), Kishii Yukino (1992), Motokariya Yuika (1987), Nishimura Kazuhiko (1966), Sato Ryuta (1980), Yusuke Santamaria (1971)

Kohiruimaki Yuichi is a police officer who established the “Science Crime Countermeasures Office”, a department that specializes in issues related to cutting-edge science and technology. He welcomes the genius scientist Mogami Yukiko as an advisor and she is in charge of investigating cases related to cutting-edge science. The crimes entrusted to the Science Crime Countermeasures Office are crimes that the legal system and police organization cannot keep up with. The two will unravel the science itself hidden behind the cases and not just the so-called forensic investigation. Hasebe Tsutomu is a detective who is not familiar with science but has a long experience in the field in the former Investigation Division. Original Network: NTV ;