One Night Morning

Wan Naito Moningu
Status: Completed Studio: WOWOW Released: 2022 Country: Japanese Type: TV Director: Kakimoto Kensaku [柿本ケンサク] Starring: Aoki Yuzu (2001), Asakawa Nana (1999), Fujiwara Itsuki (1997), Ikeda Akana (2001), Imou Haruka (1997), Ishibashi Natsumi (1992), Ito Marika (Nogizaka46) (1996), Kakei Miwako (1994), Kawai Yumi (2000), Kawashima Umika (1994), Maeda Oshiro (2000), Mizuma Ron (1989), Mizusawa Rintaro (2003), Mochizuki Ayumu (2000), Uesugi Shuhei (1992), Yanagi Shuntaro (1991)

A story of eight different couples with fleeting, delicate relationships and their “simple breakfast” as if to make up for what is lacking in body and soul after spending a night together, including a man who is reunited with a former high school classmate whom he continues to have feelings for; a university student’s first date with a girl whom he met through a matchmaking app; sex friends, who have been carrying on with their rather businesslike relationship. Adapted from the manga series “One Night – Moing” (ワンナイト・モーニング) by Okuyama Kenichi (奥山ケニチ). Original Network: WOWOW ;