Ojogiwa no Imi wo Shire!

Documentary of My Ex-Girlfriend Complex
Status: Ongoing Studio: Released: 2023 Country: Japanese Type: TV Director: Abera Hidenobu [阿部羅秀伸] Starring: Anzai Seira (2004), Aoki Yuzu (2001), Higuchi Hina (Nogizaka46s 1st Generation) (1998), Mikami Ai (2000), Miyama Ryoki (1999), Miyazaki Yu (2000), Yamamoto Mirai (1974), Yuui Ryoko (1976)

Ichimatsu Kairo, an office worker, has been haunted by the memory of his ex-girlfriend, Kusakabe Hiyori, who disappeared seven years ago after dumping him. Despite his efforts to move on, he remains stuck in the past, reliving their memories through videos and pictures. After his house is struck by lightning and he loses everything, Kairo reaches his breaking point and tries to take his own life. However, his fate takes an unexpected tu when Hiyori suddenly contacts him with a strange request. Adapted from the manga series “Ojogiwa no Imi wo Shire!” (往生際の意味を知れ!) by Yoneshiro Kyo (米代恭).