Status: Ongoing Studio: Released: 2023 Country: Korean Type: TV Director: Starring: Choo Young Woo, Jang Dong Yoon (1992), Seol In Ah (1996)

The story of “Oasis” takes place in South Korea during the 1980s and 1990s, a time of great turmoil. The focus of the story is on the struggles of young people who are driven to seek power and wealth in a society where social values are often misguided. The main character, Lee Doo Hak, grew up in a small town in Jeolla Province and was a clever and innocent young man. However, due to a series of unfortunate events, he becomes caught up in a web of deceit and ends up becoming involved in conflicts that he never imagined. He eventually joins a real estate fraud group and becomes a “political gangster” in order to seek revenge for his father’s unjust death.