Now, We’re Breaking Up

Status: Completed Studio: SBS Released: 2021 Country: Korean Type: TV Director: Starring: Cha Hwa Yeon (1961), Choi Hee Seo (1986), Choi Hong Il (1963), Jang Hyeok Jin (1971), Jang Ki Yong (1992), Joo Jin Mo (1958), Ki Eun Se (1983), Kim Bo Jeong (1988), Kim Do Keon (1993), Kim Joo Heon (1980), Lee Joo Myeong (1993), Moon Joo Yeon (1992), Nam Gi Ae (1961), Oh Se Hoon (1994), Park Bo Kyeong, Park Hyo Joo (1982), Shin Dong Wook (1982), Shin Ha Yeong (1993), Song Hye Kyo (1981), Song Yoo Hyeon (1983), Yoon Jeong Hee (1980), Yoon Na Moo (1985), Yura - Girl*s Day

Ha Young Eun (Song Hye Kyo) is a 38 year old woman who works as a fashion designer at one of Korea’s top fashion companies. Beautiful, trendy, intelligent, Young Eun is passionate about her work and good at what she does.  But when it comes to relationships, she often comes across as cold-hearted and doesn’t waste time emotionally towards men. Hwang Ji Suk (Choi Hee Seo) is the director of the fashion label’s design team that went to high school with Ha Yeon Eun. Yoon Jae Guk (Jang Ki Young) is a wealthy and popular freelance photographer, smart and handsome. Seok Do Hoon (Kim Joo Hyun) is an experienced CEO of a PR company. Original Network: SBS; ViuTV;