No Matter What

Nuga Mwolaedo Nuga Mworaedo No Matter What Anyone Says No Matter What They Say
Status: Completed Studio: Released: 2020 Country: Korean Type: TV Director: Seong Joon Hae [성준해] Starring: Ahn Nae Sang (1964), Cha Seung Woo (1978), Choi Wan Jeong (1968), Choi Woong (1986), Do Ji Won (1966), Im Jeong Min (1973), Jang Seong Yoon (1998), Jeong Han Yong (1954), Jeong Heon (1987), Jeong Min Ah (1994), Jo Mi Ryeong (1973), Jo Woo Ri (1992), Jo Yoo Jeong (1999), Kil Yong Woo (1955), Kim Jin Woo (1983), Kim Mi Sook (1959), Kim Na Woon (1970), Kim Seung Wook, Kim Yeong Ok (1937), Kim Yoo Seok (1966), Lee Hye Sook (1962), Lee Kan Hee (1969), Lee Seul A (1987), Moon Hee Gyeong (1965), Na Hye Mi (1991), Oh Chae Yi (1994), Park Cheol Min (1967), Park Hae Mi (1965), Ryoo Eui Hyeon (1999), Sa Mi Ja (1940), Seo Ji Hoon (1997), Seo Tae Hwa (1967), So Hee Jeong (1973), Son Chang Min (1965), Yoon Bok In

A family drama around a flower shop filled with beautiful flowers 365 days in a year, that depicts the story of children who experienced parental divorce and remarriage, and grew up fighting in a world of prejudice and fiercely overcoming difficulties from work and love.

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