Nichiyo no Yoru Gurai wa…

Nichiyou no Yoru Gurai wa… About Sunday Night…
Status: Ongoing Studio: Released: 2023 Country: Japanese Type: TV Director: Shinjo Takehiko [新城毅彦] Starring: Hashimoto Jun (1964), Imadachi Susumu (1975), Kawamura Kazuma (1997), Kishii Yukino (1992), Miyamoto Nobuko (1945), Nukumi Meru (2002), Okayama Amane (1994), Seino Nana (1994), Wakui Emi (1970), Yatsui Ichiro (1974)

Old apartment complexes, rented houses in the suburbs, and cabs running through the cities. These scenes may look ordinary but each has a different story to tell. A daughter who works part-time to support her disabled mother; a woman who has been cut off from her family and continues to work as a cab driver; a granddaughter who lives in a rented house and works at a factory with her grandmother. This is the story of three women, who live far apart from each other and do not know each other’s existence until a fateful encounter through a radio program.