New Recruit

Sinbyeong New Recruitment
Status: Completed Studio: Olleh TV Released: 2022 Country: Korean Type: TV Director: Min Jin Ki [민진기] Starring: Cha Yeong Nam (1988), Jeon Seung Hoon (1997), Kang Hyo Seung (1994), Kim Hyeon Kyoo (1990), Kim Min Ho (1990), Kim Tae Oh (The T-Bird) (1992), Lee Choong Koo (1987), Lee Jeong Hyeon (1990), Lee Sang Jin (1992), Nam Tae Woo (1992), Shin Dam Soo (1976)

A hyper-realistic comedy depicting the story of a ‘military’ recruit enlisting in a place where all kinds of people, from the good to the bad to the weird, gather. Adapted from the animation of the same name by Jang Bbi Jju. Original Network: Olleh TV ;