My Unfamiliar Family

(Aneun Gun Byeolro Eobjiman) Gajokibmida (Aneun Geon Byeollo Eobsjiman) Gajogibnida (We Don’t Know Much but) We Are a Family (Although We Don’t Know Much) We Are a Family (I Don’t Know Much But) We Are Family
Status: Completed Studio: Released: 2020 Country: Korean Type: TV Director: Kwon Yeong Il [권영일] Starring: Bae Yoon Kyeong (1993), Choo Ja Hyeon, Han Ye Ri (1984), Jeong Jin Yeong (1964), Jo Wan Ki (1982), Kim Ji Seok, Kim Tae Hoon (1975), Lee Jong Won (1994), Shin Dong Wook (1982), Shin Hye Jeong (1993), Shin Jae Ha (1993), Won Mi Kyeong (1960)

Is blood thicker than water? Kim Eun Hee, is about to find out. She is the middle child in a family that is slowly starting to drift apart. Her older sister is a former patent attoey, and her younger brother is a sensitive soul. And although her father is hard-working, he is often distant – an attitude that has her mother poised to begin a new chapter in her life. While she pines for intimacy, Kim Eun Hee keeps her feelings hidden from her family. Instead, she prefers to confide in her close male college friend Park Chan Hyuk – a man who has become more like a brother to her than any of her real siblings. And it is to him that she tus for love advice as she looks to retu to the dating scene after a long absence. But what happens when events take a tu? Could the family pull together in time to weather the storm? And when the going gets tough, will it be Kim Eun Hee’s family or her friends who step up to the plate?