Monchouchou Globalhouse

몽슈슈 글로벌 하우스 Yeonnamdong Geullobeolhauseu Yeonnamdong Global House
Status: Ongoing Studio: SBS Released: 2019 Country: Korean Type: TV Director: Park Seon Jae [박선재] Starring: Christian Burgos (1993), Jang Min (1991), Kang Min Ah (1997), Kim Shi Eun (2000), Lee Dae Hwi (Boy Group AB6IX) (2001)

It tells the work and love story of 6 men and women from all over the world living in a luxurious global share house in Seoul in Yeon Nam Dong, and their stories of life, love, and friendship. Dong Jin Woo is the reliable owner of the share house. At a young age, his parents passed away and he was raised by his grandmother. Thanks to the real estate investment skills he leaed from her grandmother, he became a successful real estate investor who has amassed a lot of assets. In the middle of this sharehouse full of joy with young people of a different nationality, there is Kang Yu Na. As he started to closely interfere with her private life and finding fault in it, he started to fall in love with her. Kang Yu Na is a university student on a leave of absence. She started to work at the global share house as a staff. She starts her romance with the owner of the share house Dong Jin Woo and has various friendships with the global youth living in the share house. Nicky fell in love with Korean entertainment through YouTube and settled down in Korea. Through his YouTube Channel, he is introducing Korea to people all over the world. He is a funny guy who likes to receive attention and love. He is in a love triangle with Tae YoonMin and Moon So Ra. Original Network: SBS ; vLive ;