Miracle of Love

Oum Rak Patiharn Carry Love’s Miracle
Status: Ongoing Studio: Released: 2022 Country: Thailand Type: TV Director: Starring: Aun Akrabhaj Bunnag (1992), Donut Phattharapon Dejpongwaranon (1998), Eed Duangjai Hathaikarn (1953), Jaibua Hidding (1996), Jean Chertinnara Phongpeeradej (1996), Mariew Pattharapong Watkamee (1993), Meimei Thanyawee Chunhasawasdikul (2000), Oi Jirawadee Isarangkun Na Ayutthaya (1957), Pamela Bowden (1972), Smile Sasina Phanomthornnitkul (1997), Tassawan Seneewongse Na Ayutthaya (1951), Wayne Falconer (1967), Winnie Sipatrada Phiuthong (2002), Yew Orasa Prompratan (1951)

After finding out about her surprise pregnancy, Janesuda was labeled as her lover, Atiruj’s life-destroyer. Despite the taunts from the people around her lover, she tried to be patient and persevere to make her relationship work. However, love isn’t always sweet. When she discovered that love was beginning to disappear for Atiruj, Janesuda decided to leave everything behind with a hurt heart. Atiruj continues to live his life mercilessly and with a cold heart. He believes that Janesuda had taken his family’s money and gotten an abortion, and so he despises the ex-lover who ran away. Five years pass just like that, when one day Atiruj meets a small girl who calls Janesuda mummy. This revelation leaves Atiruj in shock… and then very angry. He can not tolerate the fact that Janesuda lied to him and took away his child for so long, so now he will try his best to take his child back and hurt the lover that had hurt him for so long. Also known as: อุ้มรักปาฏิหาริย์ Oum Rak Patiha Carry Love’s Miracle