Love Is for Suckers

얼어죽을 연애 따위 Eoleojugeul Yeonae Ttawi Frozen Love Dating to Death Love That Will Freeze To Death Icy Cold Romance
Status: Ongoing Studio: Viki Released: 2022 Country: Korean Type: TV Director: Choi Kyoo Shik [최규식] Starring: Choi Shi Won (1986), Im Ha Ryong (1952), Jo Soo Hyang (1991), Lee Da Hee (1985), Lee Dae Hwi (Boy Group AB6IX) (2001), Min Jin Woong (1986), Noh Susanna (1986), Park Yeon Woo (1990), Song Jong Ho (1976), Yang Hee Kyeong (1954)

“Love That Will Freeze To Death” is a romantic comedy-drama depicting the sweet and salty reality romance of two men and women in their 30s who have no romance or flirting. Original Network: Viki ; ENA ;