Status: Ongoing Studio: TV Asahi Released: 2021 Country: Japanese Type: TV Director: Higurashi Ken [日暮謙] and Ochiai Masayuki [落合正幸] Starring: Hotta Mayu (1998), Ishii Anna (1998), Miyoshi Ayaka (1996), Morita Misato (1996), Nagayama Kento (1989), Naito Risa (1989), Nakamura Yurika (1997), Nishino Nanase (1994), Saito Yuki (1966), Uchida Rio (1991)

Utagawa Kotoha is a bright 25-year-old woman. She is sometimes timid, but she is also a curious person. Through her friend’s introduction, Kotoha Utagawa moves to apartment #7 in an apartment building exclusively for women. There, she gets involved with weird phenomenons. She happens to meet Nakame Reishi. He introduces himself as a psychic, but he doesn’t have psychic abilities. This is in spite of Reishi Nakame’s grandmother being an itako (blind women who are trained to become a spiritual medium). His aunt Iwato Shima is also the head of a Shinto shrine. Kotoha Utagawa and Reishi Nakame ask Shima Iwato to perform an exorcism. Original Network: TV Asahi;