Kingdom: Season 2

Status: Completed Studio: Released: 2020 Country: Korean Type: TV Director: Starring: Bae Doo Na (1979), Heo Joon Ho (1964), Hyeon Jik (1990), Jeon Ji Hyeon (1981), Jeon Seok Ho (1984), Joo Ji Hoon (1982), Kim Hye Joon (1995), Kim Sang Ho (1970), Kim Seong Kyu (1986), Kim Tae Hoon (1975), Park Byeong Eun (1977), Ryoo Seung Ryong (1970)

In an attempt to save the people during a plague, the crown prince Lee Chang retus to the palace to find the source of the disease and uncovers other secrets and plots within the palace. Also known as: 킹덤 시즌 2 / 킹덤 2 / Kingdeom Sijeun2 / Kingdeom Seuszen 2 / Kingdom 2 / Kingdom Season 2