Katakoi Gourmet Nikki

Kataomoi Gurume Nikki 片恋グルメ日記
Status: Completed Studio: Released: Country: Japanese Type: TV Director: Starring:

Tokoro Madoka works at a publishing company and is an editorial staff of Juice, a monthly manga for young women. She has not experienced real love even though she is 33. Madoka is in love with Hakkaku Naoya, a popular colleague in the sales department. When she consults the manga artist that she is in charge of, she is advised to “stalk” him through meals. “If you don’t have the courage to have a meal with him, check out what he has eaten and you’ll feel him.” Taking this advice to heart, Madoka eats dishes such as a beef bowl, mackerel simmered in miso and omurice and lets herself fantasise. Also known as: Katakoi Gourmet Diary , Kataomoi Gurume Nikki, 片恋グルメ日記