JOKE – 2022 Panic Haishin!

JOKE ~ 2022 Panikku Haishin! JOKE~2022 Panic Haishin!
Status: Completed Studio: Released: 2020 Country: Japanese Type: Movies Director: Mizuta Nobuo Starring: Emoto Tokio (1989), Ikuta Toma (1984), Tamura Kentaro (1986)

Set in a post-COVID world, Sawai Ryuichi (Ikuta Toma) is one half of a comedy duo Orenchi and plays the funny man. However, he causes a scandal and Orenchi is dropped from a television programme where they are regulars. Sawai cuts ties with his partner Sakane Akira (Emoto Tokio), quits their agency and shuts himself at home. Nevertheless, he continues to be an entertainer with an improvised comedy programme called Orenchi Channel that he streams live online. He has an AI robot that does everything it is asked from ordering meals to cleaning. In addition, it leas Sawai’s funny man routine and grows into the role of his partner for the programme. The rapid-fire comic dialogue with his AI robot goes down well with netizens and Sawai is very pleased. He is able to ea income to support his wife Rinko (Matsumoto Marika) and their young daughter, and is already over Orenchi. But one day, Sawai receives a strange phone call while live streaming. Because of that, he gets entangled in a preposterous situation beyond his wildest imagination. Can the programme end without any trouble and will his wife and daughter be safe?