Status: Ongoing Studio: Released: 2021 Country: Korean Type: TV Director: Starring: Go Min Shi (1995), Jeon Ji Hyeon (1981), Jeon Seok Ho (1984), Jo Han Cheol (1973), Joo Ji Hoon (1982), Joo Min Kyeong (1989), Kim Yeong Ok (1937), Lee Ka Seop (1991), Oh Jeong Se (1977), Seong Dong Il (1964), Yoon Ji On (1990)

The story takes place in the Jirisan Mountain National Park, which is the highest point in south Korea, as well as the highest point in the East Korean Mountains. The story centers around the mysteries surrounding many of the mountain’s visitors: those who come to kill and those who come to end their lives. Seo Yi Gang ( Jung Ji Hyun ) is the best ranger in Jirisan Mountain National Park. She has vast experience in orienteering on the terrain, knows all the trails where to climb the mountain, making her an expert in finding lost individuales. One day, she becomes the partner of rookie ranger Kang Hyun Jo. Kang Hyun Jo ( Joo Ji Hoon ) is a rookie ranger who just graduated from a military academy. He once served in the army and survived a horrific incident on Mount Chiri, which led to the decision to become a ranger. Jung Goo Young ( Oh Jung Se ) is a pragmatic ranger who puts his own safety above his duty to save people. Jo Dae Jin ( Song Dong Il ) is the head of the Hedong Branch in Mount Jiri Man National Park. He devoted half his life to serving as a ranger, therefore he is called “the man of Mount Jirisan”. Dae Jin is dedicated to his work, takes care of his subordinates and is not afraid to take responsibility.