Jinxed At First

Status: Completed Studio: KBS2 Released: 2022 Country: Korean Type: TV Director: Starring: Cha Kwang Soo (1966), Choi Jeong Woo (1995), Hong Seok Cheon (1971), Hwang Seok Jeong (1971), Hwang Yeong Hee (1969), Jeon Kwang Ryeol (1959), Jeong Wook (1973), Jo Han Gyeol (2002), Ki Do Hoon (1995), Kim Dong Yeong (1988), Kim Jeong Tae (1972), Lee Ho Jeong (1997 Jan), Lee Hoon (1973), Nah Jong Chan (1994), Seo Hyeon (1991), Woo Hyeon (1964), Yoon Ji Hye (1979), Yoon Yoo Seon (1969)

“Jinx’s lover ” tells the story of a poor and unlucky man named Gong Soo Kwang (Na In Woo) meets Lee Seul Bi (Seohyun), who is from a chaebol family. Gong Soo Kwang is a man who sells fish at the market and has a special evil eye. He was once a successful man, but after meeting Seul Bi seven years ago, he lost everything and began to live a completely different life. Seul Bi (Seohyun) has a special ability to see the future of the person she touches. Seven years ago, she escaped from the secret room she was locked in, met Gong Soo Kwang, and after spending a fabulous day with him, she began to dream about the world outside. Based on the webtoon “Bad Girl “. Airs from 06/15/2022 on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 21:50 Original Network: KBS2; Also known as: 징크스의 연인 Jingkeuseuui Yeonin Jinx’s Lover / Jinxed Couple / The Jinx’s Lover