Iribito: Iribito

Iribito: Ihoujin Stranger
Status: Ongoing Studio: WOWOW Released: 2021 Country: Japanese Type: TV Director: Hagiwara Kentaro [萩原健太郎] Starring: Kaji Meiko (1947), Kazama Shunsuke (1983), Kiba Katsumi (1949), Makita Sports (1970), Matsuo Takashi (1960), Matsushige Yutaka (1963), Moriguchi Yoko (1966), So Kazuho (1975), Sugawara Daikichi (1960), Takahata Mitsuki (1991)

Naho is the deputy curator of the art gallery established by her grandfather, an avid art collector. Naho’s husband is the managing director at a different art gallery in Ginza which his family has run for several generations. To avoid the hectic pace of Tokyo, a pregnant Naho decides to move to Kyoto. There, she finds a painting by an unknown painter. She becomes fascinated with it and soon faces an unexpected truth. Adapted from the novel “Iribito Ihoujin” (いりびと-異邦人-) by Harada Maha (原田マハ). Original Network: WOWOW;